Who Is Effie?

Effie Irene Cox Noblin (1893 – 1984) was my beloved maternal grandmother whose kindred spirit helped to create the true spirit of Effie’s. THE FOOD, however, comes from the magic of my own mom, Gertha Mae Noblin Kelley. (1919 – 2003) She attributed her talent to God. Her life was a tribute to the same. She raised seven interesting, innovative, non-conformist children while teaching. She continued her education and earned her master’s degree in Home Economics. Later in life, she earned a degree in nursing so she could care for her Mother (Mama Effie) and her Aunt Jessie. All this was done while she fostered over 40 children with amazing love.

While teaching in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, she became fascinated with the homemade tortillas, refried beans, and rice her Hispanic students brought for lunch. She investigated, experimented, and eventually created her own recipes. We shared these recipes in our own family while raising our children. Later, using these same recipes, we began making the delicious dishes we are so very proud to serve you today.

Thank you for your patronage and thank you Mom. Vaya Con Dios.

Sharon Kelley, Founder and son, Chad Harris, Owner